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Pleasant Hills United Methodist Church

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Pastor: Rev. Beverly Hall
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My grandmother was a church organist. I would go to her church for their Vacation Bible School. I would sit next to her on the organ bench and she would play little songs for me. One VBS song stuck in my head and has led me during many difficult times. It was called, “Why Worry When You Can Pray?” The words may strike a chord in your heart also: “Why worry, when you can pray? Trust Jesus, he’ll be your stay. Don’t be a doubting Thomas, rest surely on his promise. Why worry, worry, worry, worry, when you can pray?”

I’m now a pastor. I must admit, in spite of hearing those words in my head all these years, I still worry. I worry about church finances. I worry about my sermons. I worry about people and programs and policies and procedures. I worry about my family and our future. I worry about my health (which doesn’t help at all!) No matter what, I do pray. But I STILL worry!

What about you? What are your worries? What is your prayer life like? Can you “cast all your cares on Jesus” or do you worry no matter how strong your faith is? I have come to realize that I am human and worry is part of my nature. I am getting better at leaving my cares with Jesus though. My prayer life has grown. I still hear that little song play in my head. I also have taken it into my heart. I rely more fully on Jesus every day. In spite of my worries, I have a sense of peace now.

I read a lot of blogs dealing with the Christian life and pastoral ministry. Most include lists of things to do. This blog will be different. I want to explore questions like, “What are your worries?” I’m here to listen. I don’t have a magic formula. I do have Jesus – and that’s enough for me.

If this has been helpful, share it with others. If you have a question you would like me to write about, let me know. Remember to pray!

Rev. Bev Hall, pastor of Pleasant Hills United Methodist Church, Middleburg Heights, OH

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Sun Dec 16, 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM

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